See your company clearly.

I give you the insights to build a happier, more productive company.

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Find out how your employees feel about your company.

As your company grows, it's hard to know how your employees feel about your company. You wonder:

If you had greater insight into your company, you would know what to take action on.

Gain the insight to improve your company.

Make more-informed decisions. Your decisions will have greater buy-in and less friction. Your actions will be supported by your team, not just your own intuition.

Increase employee morale. Your employees will feel heard and valued. They will appreciate you prioritizing their perspective.

Build a more productive company. You will spot problems faster, and reduce employee turnover. Your team can simply focus on producing great work.

Give your employees the attention they deserve.

I interview each person in your company, and then present an in-depth, panoramic view of how everyone feels.

The Interviews

The Debrief

I am based in Chicago, Illinois. If you're not in the area, no worries. We can arrange remote interviews or I can travel to where you are.

The entire project typically lasts one month.

Get an honest, thoughtful perspective.

Care: I treat each company with a great deal of thoughtfulness. I'm committed to giving each person's viewpoint the care and attention it deserves.

Personalization: Before the interviews, I sit down with you to learn your company's history and current state. I craft interview questions specific to your company.

Truth: When you ask for the truth, you get the truth. I fully absorb each person's perspective, and reflect it back to you as accurately as possible while maintaining complete confidentiality.

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"Claire helped us see what we couldn't see on our own. We've all got blindspots - Claire can help you see through yours."- Jason Fried, Co-founder of 37signals


"Claire's findings empowered us to take immediate action. The results have been a more transparent, happier workplace."- Neal Sales-Griffin, CEO of The Starter League

Who I am

I'm Claire Lew.

I helped start a company, and grow another company. But I've always been struck by how unhappy people are when they aren't able to communicate openly and honestly with one another - and how much that impacts a company.

So I founded ClarityBox. I wanted to create a solution to help people be happier at work.

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If you're not a form kind of person, I'd love to hear from you at Feel free to also give me a ring at 612.520.1476

Learn more about my story and my philosophy.

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Why the name ClarityBox?

I wanted to create a space that enables you to communicate more honestly and openly at work. A space that you leave with a weight lifted off your mind. A space you trust. A space for clarity. Hence, ClarityBox.